St. Francis
Boy Scout Troop 22
Quincy, Illinois
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St. Francis
Boy Scout Troop 22
Quincy, Illinois

While a Scout should always do his best to help other people every day, a group service
project is a bigger way to help people. The scouts of Troop 22 know that, while you're giving
service, you're also learning to work together with others to do something that's good for
your community.

Service projects may help the natural world, the community, or a local organization. Here are
a few of the service projects our Troop has recently been involved in.

For more than 50 years, the scouts of Troop 22
have been serving the disabled veterans who live
at the Illinois Veterans Home by assisting
wheelchair-bound veterans in getting to the
worship center.  On each Sunday for three
months of every year, the scouts travel to the
home on Sunday morning to assist these men
and women who faithfully served our country.

Each year on Memorial Day weekend, our scouts
take the time to place American flags on the
graves at Sunset Cemetery to honor and
remember our valued veterans.