St. Francis
Boy Scout Troop 22
Quincy, Illinois
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St. Francis
Boy Scout Troop 22
Quincy, Illinois
Our Photo Album

Although the origin of the adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words" is uncertain, the
truthfulness of it is not and nothing can convey the Scouting experience like photos.  Here's
how several of our most recent events have been recorded by a variety of cell phones,
tablets and digital cameras for both posterity and your appreciation!

Click on any photo to open the scrapbook of images from that event.
Previously posted photos are available by clicking HERE
May 2016
Placing Flags at
Sunset Cemetery
April 2016
Spring Camporee
May 2016
Canoe Trip At SSR
June 2016
Summer Camp
July 2016
Northern Tier
September 2016
Fall Camporee
November 2016
Camp Out
January 2017
Polar Bear
February 2017
Winter Campout
Sept 2017
Flag Retirement