St. Francis
Boy Scout Troop 22
Quincy, Illinois
Scouting.     Prepared.     For Life.
St. Francis
Boy Scout Troop 22
Quincy, Illinois

In May of 2015, Troop 22 became part of the Geocaching experience when we created our first
geocache, located near the entrance of St. Francis Hills. Since then, our cache has been visited by
24 geocachers, many of whom have left us notes in our cache's logbook or online -

           "We found this on a very nice cool morning, thanks for placing this cache for us to find." - QCY
           "Great hide, and greetings to the boys of Troop 22 from the girls of Troop 5194! OCW (out caching
    with) our co-leader, imzadis, on a beautiful evening. Grabbed a Geocoin to move on when we go to
    Colorado later this month! TFTC (thanks for the cache). - Cache & Dale
           "Went to go grab this one with Cache&Dale tonight after I got out of work. I left a few swag items in
    trade for a cool light keychain. The Girl Scouts of troop 5194 thank the Boy Scouts of troop 22 for
    placing this cache! TFTC!" - Mack Lyon
           "Stopped by and found this cache several days ago but got busy and forgot to log it. We really
    appreciate the larger caches! Took a geocoin and hoping to move it along soon!" - 4 Horsemen
           "Mom brought the daycare kids out and I helped them find this one. THANKS." - LuckiDuck
           "A Favorite! Great Cache! Picked up one of the neat GeoCoins and will move it on to a new location
    soon. Thanks for the little light! OCW BlueDaisy and Trekto on another version of "Out of Town
    Tuesday" Dodged the rain for the entire day as we gathered some 25 of the interesting caches in
    Missouri and Quincy, IL. Managed to drive about 280 miles to accomplish the feat. A Good day was had
    by all! " - Geoconformity
           "Found with Trekto and Geoconformity. This was our nicest find of the day! Lots of skeeters here!
    Recommend bug spray! Dropped a TB. Earns a favorite! Thanks!" - BlueDaisy
           "Geocaching with Mean Gene and The Rooter in and around Quincy, IL, logging caches as
    "MG/TR/RO" for brevity. The Rooter made this one look easy while Mean Gene and I were distracted by
    the smoke from a nearby managed brush fire. Thanks, boyscouttroop22, for placing this cache! --
    Roelsch, Saint Charles, MO.
           "Thanks for the that you left everyone a gift." - Kindharts

As part of our geocache, we placed some Boy Scout tracking
geocoins inside with a request that visitors who take the
coins start them travelling to other caches throughout
the US.  Here's where some of them are located right now!
GeoCoin # 1
Has been handled by 7 geocachers and has
traveled 1582 miles

"Cool coin. Taking it to GA soaring with an
EAGLE." - ArpeggiosOnFire
"Currently riding with my eagle scout son." -
Currently located in a cache near
Kissimmee FL
GeoCoin # 3
Has been handled by 4 geocachers and has
traveled 7304  miles

"Grabbed this at the meet and greet in Aurora,
Colorado. I'll move it on. Good luck Scouts from
an Unit Commissioner in Pikes Peak Council
Colorado." - Lifesaver 50
Currently located in a cache located in
British Columbia Canada
GeoCoin # 4
Has been handled by 2 geocachers and has
travelled 297 miles
Last seen near South Bend IN
GeoCoin # 5
Has been handled by 3 geocachers and has
travelled 164 miles
Last seen near Pekin IL in the hands of
geocacher Embrandon
GeoCoin # 7
Has been handled by 5 geocachers and has
traveled 339 miles

"Picked up this coin while out caching with
friends on a beautiful Fall day. It fondly reminds
me of my scouting days with my son. I'll gladly
move this coin along and hope it travels far
and wide." - Where_is_it?
Last seen near Eureka MO in the hands
of geocacher Builder664711
GeoCoin # 8
Has been handled by 2 geocachers and has
traveled 599 miles
Currently located in a cache near
Rutland IL
GeoCoin # 9
Has been handled by 3 geocachers and has
traveled 515 miles

"Happy travels.. "be prepared " - RattlingChains
Currently located in a cache near West
Branson MO
GeoCoin # 11
Has been handled by 2 geocachers and has
traveled 1928 miles

"Absolutely a great GeoCoin! I was a scout in
Western NY and learned a lot about many
things through Scouting. Had a wonderful
Scout Leader. Will be moving this one on for
some adventures!" - GeoConformity
Currently located in a cache near Point
Lookout MO
GeoCoin # 15
Has been handled by 3 geocachers and has
traveled 130 miles
Last seen near Alton IL in the hands of
geocacher Hexorbis
For those scouts who wish to learn more about geocaching or for those who are interested in
earning the geocaching merit badge, Troop 22 owns 4 GPS receiver units which are designated
for their use in those endeavors.